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Anthony Martin Announces His Re-election Campaign for Hillsboro City Council

HILLSBORO, ORE.—Anthony Martin has filed to run for re-election for Hillsboro City Council after winning his seat in 2016.

“I want to continue to serve the people of Hillsboro,” said Anthony Martin. “We make great policy when everyone has a seat at the table and is listened to. I have worked hard to make everyone’s voice heard and will continue doing so.”

Since being elected to city council, Martin has passed numerous policies that benefit the residents of Hillsboro, like broadband internet and residential composting. He is also a strong advocate for community involvement and financial sustainability.

“We are facing unprecedented times, and I want to help the city get through this together,” said Martin. “We need to focus on immediate needs, like supporting our residents and businesses, while constantly working to improve how the city runs.”

During COVID-19, Martin and the council have provided $1.5 million in support for businesses and residents, $1.25 million of which were grants. In addition, they enacted a residential and commercial eviction moratorium.

Martin advocates for Hillsboro at the state and federal levels. He has been on policy committees for the League of Oregon Cities and gone to DC to lobby federal representatives. He actively learns from his community members as well as other local governments across the nation.

He also serves as chair of the Hillsboro Transportation Committee, a member of the Hillsboro Sustainability Task Force, a member of the Hillsboro Budget Committee, and alternate for the regional Metro Policy Advisory Committee.

“We need to have an eye toward the future and proactively address issues like affordable housing, infrastructure maintenance, and sustainability,” said Martin. “Hillsboro’s government should work for its people, make positive change, and be financially sustainable for the long term.”

Visit or his Facebook page @AnthonyforHillsboro to learn more.

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