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"I see Hillsboro as an agent of change and local government as the most impactful form of government on our daily lives. I want to make sure our government is proactive to the needs of its citizens, fiscally responsible, and forward looking."

The most fundamental purpose of a city is to provide infrastructure. It binds the community together. From the roads we drive to parks we enjoy, it is the city's responsibility to maintain infrastructure and prepare for the future. I will make sure the city prioritizes building and maintaining every type of infrastructure, including our new broadband utility. That way, you can drink clean water, access the internet, and move around the city how you need to. Investing in our infrastructure helps us two-fold: it makes our lives easier and ensures that we give our future generations a well-run city.

Small Business Support

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our city, and the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has impacted them disproportionally. This is neither the first nor the only emergency small businesses have faced. The city must work to make sure these businesses have the tools and resources they need to flourish and grow now and in the future. I will work to ensure our city supports start-ups and small businesses to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Public Safety

The murder of George Floyd brought the issue of policing and public safety to the forefront of the national conversation. This is not a new conversation, but it is imperative to make change so our entire community feels safe. I will work to reconceptualize policing in Hillsboro and shift to public safety to include social workers in our response to community members in need. Hillsboro is known for its innovative solutions to problems, and I intend to do that with policing.


When making decisions, we need to think about the long term.  We need to plan and act to make a better city and planet for future generations. I will work to make Hillsboro a more sustainable community where we are stewards of our environment, our assets, and our community. By doing that, we can honor the land of the people who came before us.

Workforce Development

Our thriving workforce supports businesses that call Hillsboro home and attract new businesses. Whether you choose to go to college, trade school, or any other path, our city must connect jobs to the people who live here by investing in the workforce. I will act to add more workforce development programs through creative partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, Hillsboro School District, PCC, and Pacific University.


The economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis are even tougher for those who are unhoused in our community. To make matters worse, finding help is even more difficult with social distancing. We are not alone in facing this crisis, and we must work with our community partners and other governments to fully support people in our community. I will find creative ways to support our most vulnerable populations and help them into housing.

Build Community

Our city becomes a community when people connect with each other and feel a part of something bigger. We need to celebrate the diversity and breadth of our community to build a stronger Hillsboro. I will help build a place where people feel like they belong, whether they choose to live, work, or play here. I will strengthen that sense of community through activities and celebrations so that we all feel connected to the vibrant histories and cultures of the many residents of Hillsboro.

Community Involvement

We create a good city when everyone is at the table crafting policy. That starts with cultivating trust with community members through consistent engagement and making people feel involved in the direction of the city. I will work to create meaningful opportunities and transparent communication so we can make the best Hillsboro together. When more people help with molding policies, we create a stronger community.

COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 crisis has affected nearly every aspect of human life. Hillsboro must lead in supporting our residents and businesses. This includes providing grants, rent assistance, personal protective equipment (PPE), and supporting the residential and commercial eviction moratorium. In addition to the city providing support, I will continue to engage state and federal officials so our citizens get the resources necessary to emerge from this public health and economic crisis.


Housing prices have increased rapidly in the past decade, and supply has not kept up with demand. While the effects are felt citywide, this has hit our lowest income community members the hardest. I support increased density and working with our affordable housing partners to house people. We need to make commonsense code changes to support density and work with our affordable housing partners to provide solutions that help our residents.


The COVID-19 crisis has showed even more why a gigabit broadband is a necessity in our lives and for the economy. The internet may not be necessary in the same way as water, but digital access and fluency is critical to excel in society. Broadband allows people to work from home, learn virtually, apply for jobs, and connect to those around us. Our work can also help bridge the digital divide and provide more internet accessibility to our low-income residents. Broadband doesn't just help residents and businesses; it furthers Hillsboro's role as a smart city so we can serve our residents in the most efficient ways possible. I fully support our broadband utility and will look to build out service quickly.

Other Ideas

I have a lot of ideas of what we can do to better this city, but my goal is to work with every citizen to better Hillsboro. I want to get ideas from everyone in the community. It is inevitable that the city will face unexpected issues. When that happens, I will make sure I inform myself and get input from everyone around me so we can make the best choices for Hillsboro together. 

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